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Takido - Under the sun Takido - Under the sun

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First thing that I caught, when the drums came in, I damn near shit my pants haha. It was crazy loud. Limit it so the intro piano and elements [et al] can be dynamically sound without a huge level difference.

Cool basses, pretty spatially full.

Drums seem a little weak to me honestly, maybe do a little parallel compression with them? Vocals kind of get muddied as well, they are kind of buried in the mix when the lead sound comes in [around 3min]. I'd take the kick with a slight HPF [like 50hz at 6db slope], its coming through bass heavy in the low low end on my sub. Taking that little bit out gradually would sit it just a bit better.

Cool stuff though all in all.

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Back To Life Back To Life

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice melody and dynamics within. Gives it some breathe. The reversed parts reminded me of the Braid soundtrack, actually. Personally, I think you ran with it too long though. I think it could have been an interesting/cool effect, but the whole last 2 minutes or so were reversed. Personally, I would have added some light acoustic drums right when you have the initial reverse section start, to add a bit more dynamics/variety. Then in the last several measures, have it reverse. Again, personal preference though.

I think offsetting the guitar and the recorder in panning could have made it a bit more interesting too. Both are center panned with what seems like stereo wide reverbs on (the recorder at least). Even though the recorder is a higher pitched instrument, I think it could have benefited from EQing towards a clearer definition of it; same with the plucking of the guitar, or maybe some compression to really bring it out.

A fun listen, though. I could definitely see this in a video game or some trailer maybe.

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NyxTheShield responds:

The reversed drums sounds like a cool idea, i may give it a shot in the future hahaha

Btw, Guitar isn't centered, it's double tracked to the left and right, the main recorder is indeed centered to balance the guitar, there are multiple recorder in different pitches (Standard, 1 and 2 octave lower respectively) panned to left/right.

Thanks for the feedback ^^

acceptance acceptance

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice reverbs, especially that they aren't FMP'd but wide stereo width.

I think the bass drum and subbass could use a bit of low EQing, especially the bass drum. Its a deep bass by what I hear, and there is a little fighting for them. (I could feel a bit of pumping, actually).

The toms and claps are nice, but really quiet/subtle. Same with hats/rides. I think the drum buss might benefit from some parallel compression to bring the percussion out while retaining the musical dynamics.

Not sure if it's sofysynth or what, but there is some clicks and pops. I'd try dithering to eliminate those, but it could be artifacts of compression as well. If there are comp'd tracks, fiddle with the attack and release of the trouble track; too quick, especially on the release, can cause low freq distortion. If they're gated, mess with the hold/release, as a quickly opening and closing gate can cause chattering too.